Number 102

fall 2022

The final issue.

Featured In This Issue


Celine Aenlle-Rocha, “The Age of Emotion”
Brian Fortune, “Karl”
Lauren Green, “Further”
Ariel Katz, “Landlocked”
A.J. Rodriguez, “Bendiciones”
William Pei Shih, “Burying Big Treasure”


Georgia English, “Ghosts”
Nahal Suzanne Jamir, “Bahjí”
Courtney Kersten, “Mysteries Already Deciphered”
Kenneth Lee, “On Listening”


Anthony Aguero, “Sounds of My Father”
Ali Black, “When Quan Died”
Adrian Blevins, “Blabbermouth Status,” “Naysayer Status”
Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer, “The Hyrtl Skull Collection”
Amee Nassrene Broumand, “Licorice Moon,” “Matrix,” “Light’s Edge”
Annah Browning, “The Newest Cryptid”
Sean Cho A., “Inevitability Study”
George David Clark, “Hood Ornament”
Sarah Crossland, “Sisters of Mercy,” “Feral”
T. De Los Reyes, “Tea for Two Cha Cha,” “Fist”
Kat Finch, “Dear Absence”
Kim Garcia, “Greek Chapel,” “Blossom, Bloom, Blow”
Julian Guy, “Open the Fire Hydrants,” “Rubbernecks”
Kathryn Hargett-Hsu, “Internal Dissident”
Erin Hoover, “Self-owning rondeau”
L. S. Klatt, “Grand Rapids,” “The Ice Storm to Television Our Lord”
Jessica Lee, “Interior with Extension Cord,” “As It’s Rude to Not Partake”
W. M. Lobko, “Self-Portrait as Family Walk”
Alexander Lumans, “Thinking of Your Heart while Looking at,” “Charles Demuth’s Sail: Two Movements”
Brookes Moody, “The First Draft of Astral Weeks, or, The Emotional Labor of Janet “Planet” Rigsbee Morrison,” “Looking for the Veedon Fleece,” “folklore”
Simone Muench & Jackie K. White, “Self-Portrait Lined by Dahlia Ravikovitch,” “Portrait as Landscape: Scale”
Benjamin Niespodziany, “Tiny Lightning”
Cathlin Noonan, “Ghazal with Louse”
Aza Pace, “The Still Hours,” “How Should I Name My Friend?”
Kevin Prufer, “Anesthesia”
Jacques J. Rancourt, “Occluded Front”
Mary Ann Samyn, “Inner Resources,” “Too Much Too Soon Too Little Too Late”
Jasmine Elizabeth Smith, “Farewell Contrapuntal, “A Guidebook on How to Love a Neo-liberal Demigod,” “there”
Alyza Taguilaso, “Suwerte”
Elizabeth Threadgill, “The Origin of Thirst,” “Fable,” “Radios”
Barbara Ungar, “Blue Dragon”
Adele Elise Williams, “Fieldnotes,” “Livestock Advice”
Winniebell Xinyu Zong, “At Home, You Hold No Space Between Names”


Danielle Byington, Caterpillar in Sea Foam. © 2020. Watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper. 24” x 18”.