Becca Klaver | Poetry

She lost her faith
then her husband.

If you’re lucky
Kate says 

offering me half
a peeled cucumber

loss lets you live many lives
no longer afraid.

Soaked in a more
equatorial light

I can see clearly
the need

to free myself
of this terrible

To lose faith.

He was going to be
a pastor

said he replaced
piety with me.

I was going to be
his savior.

Why can’t girls be
gods on earth?

Great is not the same
as forever.

Who knew LA would be
my convalescence!

I think, floating
on my back in the pool

I’ve snuck into at the
Saga Motor Hotel.

For a long time
I thought I’d never be

and then I believed
I could be

and now today’s
the day

I know I’ll be

I don’t seem sad here—
(write it) I feel happy.

My initiation
soon ends.

I can taste it
way out west

where first I became
someone else.