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Ben Fowlkes, “You’ll Apologize If You Have To
Kristin Inciardi, “Sbalordito
Courtney Sender, “The Laws That Divide the Day in Two”
Heather Monley, “Pan, Pan, and Pan”
Martin Cloutier, “Running the Room”
Christa Romanosky, “MHTYHR”


Andrew Johnson, “Perhaps One Day This Will All Make Sense,” “Hypothetical Conversation,” “Tangled Up”
Mark Cox, “I Love You, Boy,” “Because I Said So,” “Above All Else”
Peter Selgin, “The Building


Jenny Xie, “Uneven”
Don Bogen, “Eye Song”
Terrance Hayes, “Self-Portrait as the Mind of a Camera”
Kit Frick, “Arroyo,” “Avalanche Wind”
Natasha Sajé, “Sluice  Pool  Turn,” “Vanessa Redgrave Marries Franco Nero after Forty Years”
Kevin Phan, “Glitter-Brained,” “Swarm”
Molly Brodak, “Asphyxiation”
Keith Ekiss, “Projection”
Esther Lee, “That Which Is Not Paper,” “The Nature of Surveys”
Kristin Bock, “My Father’s Paint-box”
Jamaal May, “The Spirit Names of Stolen Books,” “Against Against”
Anne Shaw, “Outage”
Brandon Krieg, “Havening”
Robert Fernandez, “Burn Pits”
C. J. Sage, “Melt”
Jennifer Perrine, “Patience | Wrath,” “The Blessed Girl, after Her Visions and Vows”
Ed Madden, “Thirst”
Doug Ramspeck, “Grass Alchemy,” “Bildungsroman”
H. L. Hix, “We don’t get to choose what we remember.”
Shara McCallum, “The Parable of Johncrow,” “The Parable of Shit and Flowers”
Tom Daley, “Aphorisms for Lapsed Catholics”
Heather Dubrow, “Skyscraper Plots: A Poem in the Georgic Tradition”
Caki Wilkinson, “Nepenthe,” “Suppositions for Skeptics”
Philip Metres, “When You Meet the Roma at the River,” “Dear Lattice of Peasant Ribs
Davis McCombs, “Freshwater Drum”
Lisa Fay Coutley, “Cloud Experiment”
Kimberly Johnson, “Technique,” “Farthingale”
Rebecca Hazelton, “No Boundaries,” “Neverland,” “The Navigation of Objects in a Dark Room


Julyan Davis, “What makes you sleep so sound?”