Number 93

spring 2018

Featuring the winner of the Crazyshorts! Short-Short Fiction Competition along with outstanding poetry and prose.

Featured In This Issue


Brian Crawford, “The Lucky Ones”
Jac Jemc, “Maulawiyah”
Michael Kardos, “Star to the East”
Mesha Maren, “Somewhere South of Wichita”
Colleen Mayo, “February”
Michael Noll, “Foreign Exchange”
Ian Stansel, “John is Alive”


Kathleen Blackburn, “First Kiss”
Scott Gould, “Excerpt from Tell Me What You Need to Know
Barry Moser, “A Reprobate Tinkers with Holy Writ”
Anthony Swofford, “Nobody Loves the Fat Man”
Russell Working, “Terrain”


Dan Albergotti, “As Though Nothing Was Wrong”
Hala Alyan, “Step One: Admit Powerlessness”
Linda Abdel Baki, “Incantation of Rain, “Four Walls and a Sigh,” “Betrayal,” translated by Saleh Razzouk & Philip Terman
Josh Bettinger, “Font of Maximum Forgetting, “Org Chart in Situ”
Molly McCully Brown, “Before the Founding of Rome (Remus),” “Before the Founding of Rome (Romulus)”
Laura Bylenok, “Suboxone Sonnets”
Clay Cantrell, “That Old-Lyme Home School Stance,” “Notes from My Time On The Farm”
Andrew Collard, “Stuck Song Syndrome”
Cara Dees, “After Arriving Home from Church and Learning Our Dogs Were Shot, Their Bodies in the Fields”
Stevie Edwards, “Essay on Guns”
M.K. Foster, “Terra Corpora: Creation Myth”
John Gallaher, “This Other Dancing,” “The One About the Travelling Salesman”
Benjamin S. Grossberg, “The Hummingbird”
Lisa Beech Hartz, “Untitled (July ’75), Helen Frankenthaler,” “Falling Blue, Agnes Martin, 1963″
Raza Ali Hasan, “Core Functions,” “Against Nihilism”
Donika Kelly, “After Scissoring for the First Time at Thirty-Three,” “The Animal I Become”
James Henry Knippen, “Tercets for Fear,” “Butterfly”
Ruth Madievsky, “Jaws,” “In a Halo of Lemons”
Jennifer Moore, “I Hope the Owl Remembers Me,” “I Have No Way With Words”
Willy Palomo, “Blackout with Cows, an Interrogation, and a Murder,” “Matthew 25:40,” “Witness”
Swati Rana, “Under Bank,” “Journeys Noted”
Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers, “Notes on the State of Arkansas”
Alison C. Rollins, “How Not to Remember,” “Future Losses”
Anne Marie Rooney, “Last Song,” “Season”
Nicholas Samaras, “Damnatio Memoriae”
sam sax, “Diaspora”
Rob Schlegel, “Lucid Ruse”
Ravi Shankar, “The Suspicious Bulge,” “What Happens When the Bird Population Reaches Critical Mass”
Emma Sovich, “It doesn’t hurt to be a girl I’m told,” “This war will be pleasant,” “I am greatly ashamed of my conglomerate personality”
Ellen Doré Watson, “Hermitage,” “The Ledge I Live On”
Jim Whiteside, “Tame,” “Flame”


Barry Moser, The Widow & the Tree, Woodblock Print.