Number 92

fall 2017

Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry alongside a wonderful array of poetry and prose.

Featured In This Issue


Rachel Engelman, “The Caveman”
Robert Long Foreman, “Jackbeetle”
Chris Gavaler, “Godmother”
Jennifer Itell, “The Dream Chasers”
Amy Sauber, “Icebreaker”
Eric Schlich, “Quantum Convention”


Molly Bashaw, “Lebenslauf”
Andrew Blevins, “The Egg Man”
Katie Powers, “What I Haven’t Done”
Nance Van Winckel, “Excerpts from Sister Zero”
Kirk Wilson, “Secrets of Kirby Hall”


Erin Adair-Hodges, “My Son, the Night Light, the Dark”
Cynthia Arrieu-King, “Painting of Mixed Flowers”
Robin Behn, “Tuscaloosa and Beyond”
Sarah Blackman, “Late Night Unspooling”
Bruce Bond, “Elegy for the Last Man to Walk the Moon”
Laura Cesarco Eglin, “Living with Aplomb,” “Behind the Design,” translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval & Catherine Jagoe
Kathy Fagan, “Keelson,” “Hatch”
Jessica Garratt, “Hearts of Palm,” “Geometries”
Matthew Hittinger, “Poetics of the Parentheses,” “Monarch Migraine,” “Mechaphemera,” “From At the Museum of the Moving Image”
Jeanne Larsen, “Easy as Offshoring: Necromancer Circe,” “A Real Hottie & A Sounder of Boars, Wolves, Lions,” “Where, Unc Eumaios on Your Cabin Porch, Is Your Frigging”
Michael Lavers, “Field Guide,” “m,” “=”
Dora Malech, “Lines Composed on a Smartphone,” “The Garden of Eloquence”
Sandra McPherson, “Coupleting Discretely”
Shaina Monet, “Flight”
Eric Pankey, “The Complete List of Everything”
Li Qingzhao, “Southern Song,” “Silk-Washing Stream,” “Immortal by the River,” translated by Wendy Chen
Christopher Randall, “Get White Out the Way: a Please Diminish or a Spell For Disappearance,” “Land That Was     Very Moving”
Wesley Rothman, “Plea”
Liana Sakelliou, “The Tree of Life,” “Bird of Death,” translated by Tonia Kovalenko & Don Schofield
Emily Skaja, “Brute Force,” “[Remarkable the litter of birds]”
Gary Soto, “Dressing the Gentleman,” “Fate as a New Religion”
Corey Van Landingham, “Post-“


Shane Brown, Blue Hole, Digital Photograph, Infinite Dimensions.