Number 88

fall 2015

Featuring the winners of the Crazyhorse Prizes in Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry, Shelly Wong’s Pushcart Prize winning poem “The Spring Forecast,” alongside an eclectic selection of poetry and prose.

Featured In This Issue

Editor’s Note


Sean Bernard, “Maintaining Good Posture Towards Bethlehem”
Chris Drangle, “Nice Shot”
Chris Gavaler, “The First Week”
David Long, “Zebras”
Molly Reid, “The Permutations of A”
Shubha Sunder, “Jungleman”


Steven Lee Beeber, “Half-Life”
Hafeez Lakhani, “The Argument”
Terrance Manning, Jr., “Leave Them Hurtin’ When You Leave”
Clint McCown, “Somewhere West of Truth or Consequences”


Melissa Barrett, “Cross-Examination,” “My Life,” “Gravity & Graves”
Riley Bingham. “Narcissus”
D.M. Black, “Questions of Summer,” “The Pigeon”
Kai Carlson-Wee, “Local Mission”
MRB Chelko, “Vision Be”
Kjell Espmark, Excerpts from The Inner Space, translated by N.G.D. Malmqvist
Amber Galeo, “Hibernaculum,” “Kingdom”
John Gallaher, “So Who Here Really Thinks They’re All That Much Different Than They Were In High School”
Sarah Gambito, “My palate”
Sara Henning, “How I Learned I Had the Shine,” “My Life in Men”
L. S. Klatt, “Night Is Hapless Rabbit Is Lippy,” “The Snow Pyramid,” “PepsiCo”
L.S. McKee, “Parable of the Sleepwalker”
Rachel Mennies, “Halcyon Year One”
Wayne Miller, “Meeting the Board”
Scott Minar, “A Meeting on the Heights”
John A. Nieves, “Trap Town (Carcer),” “History as Addendum and Night Terror (Acquisitio),” “When the Tune Catches (Amissio)”
Eric Pankey, “Ghost Ship or Union of the Torus and the Sphere,” “Two Studies for a Parable,” “The Friction Between a String and Bow Calls Forth a Plaintive Hymn”
Kiki Petrosino, “Lament,” “I Married a Horseman”
Jon Pineda, “Spotlighting, Snug Harbor,” “Predators in an Abandoned Drive-In”
Jane Satterfield, “Malediction,” “Portuguese Man o’ War”
Raena Shirali, “Fishing with Broken Lure,” “[feet planted],” “cells:”
Karen Skolfield, “Rifle: verb, noun
Georg Trakl, “On the Boy Elis,” translated by Scott Minar
Shelley Wong, “The Spring Forecast”


Shane Brown, The Glow Road, Digital Photography, Infinite Dimensions.