Three Poems by Linda Abdel Baki

Translated by Saleh Razzouk & Phillip Terman | Poetry, Translations

Incantation of Rain

Under the sight of your mirror
I raised the edge of my longing
To uncover
The ankle of the moment
And started to run
across the fields of revelation
My mad steps
Shoo the doves
My heart turned a deaf ear to the lily’s songs
And here I am
Singing the incantations of rain
I am running ahead barefoot
While letters of the spring season
Leave my mailbox
Exhausted with memories.


Four Walls and a Sigh

The stars become
Leaves falling
On your wavy eyes,
In a night with autumn’s face,
Where the moon is a low-lit oil lamp
And the fingers of the sun are cold . . .
The universe becomes
Four walls and a sigh
And a rainbow
Looks like a black ribbon
That wraps round the neck of tomorrow . . .
I have to know you wrestle with a longing
That easily knocks you down.



Your eyes uncovered
The adoring
Of your revelation, love and longings.
they hid
The secret
Of the tramping on the pavement of wishes,
And your sleeping
On the pavement of waiting,
The gates of your heart for the sky
To shower you
With women’s perfume.