Core Functions

Raza Ali Hasan | Poetry

mangled, left for dead,
by the mathematical elite,
had been on their long journey,
refractory like Eliot’s camels,
(read Eliot’s “The Journey of the Magi”)
insistent—switching out tea for coffee,
insistent variations on the single theme of “x”:
some powerless as in x (weary countenance lined),
others squared, cubed as in x2 or x3, their curvy
loveliness for the mathematical inclined,
some were utterly changed
reciprocals of their original selves as in 1/x,
others withdrawn, inward,
not searching,
but splitting into roots as in √x
through the axial age,
refracted, reflected, compressed, shifted or stretched
across the cross of time,
and in the new dispensation,
acceptable to the commoners.