Congratulations to Dana Fitz Gale

November 10, 2016 | news

Crazyhorse is thrilled to congratulate past contributor Dana Fitz Gale, on her book Spells for Victory and Courage, winner of the Brighthorse Books award. Her short story collection includes “Jester,” originally Adobe Photoshop PDFpublished in issue no. 84. The story is about “a clown…a strange one, with a moth-pale face and smeary, charcoal eyes” who picks on the wrong guy – a soldier with PTSD visiting the carnival with his two young children. Fitz Gale’s writing beautifully captures failed relationships in each of the characters’ lives:

“He tips his head back, gazes up into the spotlight, trying to dredge up some half-pleasant recollection of his father. His retinas glow white-hot, sparking haloes in his vision and he’s six years old, again.”

“They can’t explain why he didn’t compliment her when she stood before him in a new dress, just a month before she took the kids and left. In that dress, she was like the noon sun at Fallujah, but when she asked him why he wouldn’t look at her, he couldn’t tell her that it was because she was so beautiful.”

“Jester” remains a favorite among the stories published at Crazyhorse. We look forward to reading more of Dana Fitz Gale’s work, and heartily congratulate her.